One in Paris, One in Prison:

A Midlife Memoir of Sisterhood

by Co-Authors Jody T. Morse & Jennifer Jones

How do two girls so close genetically, raised by the same parents, in the same home, turn out so differently? One was living in Europe, dancing for audiences across the continent and married to a successful, corporate man. While the other had lost custody of two daughters, hit rock bottom and was residing in a Kentucky state prison for running a crystal meth lab. This book seeks to answer this question about contrasting sibling lives with hilarious ancedotes, heart-wrenching poetry and honest, raw interviews with the authors.  A sisterly rollercoaster of a reading journey for sure!

Feathers of the Phoenix series,

Book One: Divinia

By T. Haven Morse

In one life, betrothed to a man she doesn't love. In the next, fighting to save her people and restore her family's name. In the third, Lady Divinia must choose to save her gift or the life of her daughter. Pegasus races, patriarchy and dreams of escaping to the Forest of Gold are mainstays of her existence until a sorceress comes to her in a dream and ignites in her the gift of the feathers of the Phoenix. Life, as she has known it, is forever changed. How and when she chooses to use the feathers will determine her fate and that of those she loves.

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