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The Splintered Musings series
by J.T. Haven
This collection is for all of the writers out there, slugging through the muck of crappy ideas, pits of online/social media distractions, insurmountable plot holes, devastating lack of reviews, and the monster that is writer's block. May you make it over the castle wall, slay your dragons of self-doubt, find your damsel-of-a-muse no longer in distress, and live to put your sword-of-a-pen to paper for many more days to come! This is an interactive chapbook. Please, feel free to play and write along as you read. That’s what the margins and blank pages are for! May your muses find juicy splinters amidst these pages! 

Book One: prompts & writings

​A collection of sixteen exciting prompts & responses from a variety of genres and styles. For writers and readers of all skills levels.

Book Two: deaths & hereafters

This volume of prompts & responses focuses on how lives come to an end and what happens after we shed our earthly coils. 

Book Three: fantasies & speculations

All of the prompts & responses in this volume are of a fantastical, science fiction, and/or speculative nature. Easy to lose yourself in this one!

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40 First Dates: One Poet's Journey
by g. stephen poland
Having been on more first dates than he can count, G. Stephen Poland decided to open up about some of his experiences in "40 First Dates: One Poet's Journey." Quite a few of these poems will make readers laugh out loud, a handful will bring a tear to the eye, and one or two might leave people shaking their heads in disbelief. But all stem from real-life experiences and have been artfully crafted from the humble heart of poet, G. Stephen Poland. Find out which poems strike a chord and ring true for you.
Available in paperback or Kindle versions.
In Medias Res: Stories from the In-Between
by Writespace, featuring Middle Stream by Jody T. Morse  

Middle Stream excerpt:

"Safety in numbers. Stay close to the center of the herd, little lamb, and you'll be safe from the wolves. Marathoners. Start in the middle, and then sprint at the end to win. The middle fork at a place setting, sandwiched between the salad and dessert fork, is used to eat the entree. It should be the strongest, biggest fork. The meatiest, even for a vegetarian like me."

Available in print and Kindle.
Rising Waters: 2017 Anthology
by The Woodlands Writing Guild

From flooded homes to the emotional deluge. Humor, mystery, terror and suspense - along with the best and not-so-best of humanity surrounding us. Explore the fears, prayers, survival and aftermath of the rising and receding waters. From the imagery of poetry to the imagination of life before, during and after. And encounter the slithering creatures that inevitably come with it. With record-breaking floods in The Woodlands Texas in 2016, and Hurricane Harvey in 2017, all of our lives were influenced in some fashion by these disasters. Hence the flood theme of our second annual anthology. Being writers as we are, we took artistic license with this theme. Put on your boots and wade through the Rising Waters of our imaginations – the water can be calm and cold or rough and dirty, but the journey will be entertaining.

* Jody T. Morse designed the cover and G. Stephen Poland & T. Haven Morse have pieces included.

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