“Storytelling runs in the family. When my father died, I just had to start telling stories. It was a fire that burned in my belly and wouldn’t let up.” G. Stephen Poland has been a storyteller all his life.    


Graduating with a B.S. in Theatre from Lamar University, his first professional gig was with Texas Repertory Theatre in Beaumont, TX - followed by a lengthy stay with Houston’s A.D. Players Theatre Company. Poland has performed all over Texas and taught Theater Arts classes for over two decades.  Performing music, theater, or writing…it’s all about the story for him.


Since the start, G. Stephen Poland has written at a furious pace.  He’s published many short stories in various anthologies, written scripts for church and stage, and has several works of literature finding their way to the page, even now. Plans for publishing a short story collection, stories for the classroom, and a murder mystery are in the works.  Raising the last of his three children, Poland is once again enjoying the single life while remaining hopeful for true connections.

 G. Stephen Poland, Poet/Writer 

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Published Works

Having been on more first dates than he can count, G. Stephen Poland decided to open up about some of his experiences in "40 First Dates: One Poet's Journey." Quite a few of these poems will make readers laugh out loud, a handful will bring a tear to the eye, and one or two might leave people shaking their heads in disbelief. But all stem from real-life experiences and have been artfully crafted from the humble heart of poet, G. Stephen Poland. Find out which poems strike a chord and ring true for you.

40 First Dates: 
One Poet's Journey

Coming Soon in   Kindle version.

Rising Waters:
2017 Anthology by the 
Woodlands Writers Guild

From flooded homes to the emotional deluge. Humor, mystery, terror and suspense - along with the best and not-so-best of humanity surrounding us. Explore the fears, prayers, survival and aftermath of the rising and receding waters in these poems and stories written by the members of the WWG.

* G. Stephen Poland has two pieces in this collection.

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