Multi-genre writer Jody T. Morse pens a variety of both fiction and nonfiction under a few names - Jody T. Morse, J.T. Haven, and T. Haven Morse. She’s written prize-winning flash, contributes to numerous blog sites, boasts over three dozen magazine articles to her name, and has published pieces of poetry. Jody’s also an editorial assistant, publishing house office manager, and a fiction/nonfiction editor.

"For me, writing is about connecting with readers, as well as, with myself. Authenticity, to me, is the key to writing and living greatly."

                                                                                    - Jody T. Morse

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Twitter: @Jodys_Journey

Facebook: Jody Townsley Morse

Instagram: JodyTMorse

Online CV/Writing Portfolio

Magazine & Blog Work 

Print Features

​* ArtHouston Magazine - Interview/Arts & Culture articles (online samples)

- Issue #3: Herring's Art War: Joanne Blows the Whistle (Pages 24-27)

- Issue #4: An Art of Gold: An Interview with our Art-Loving Mayor (Pages 18-22)

- Issue #6: Houston's Printing Museum Survives the Flames (Pages 64-67)

- Issue #7: Nature, An Artist's Muse: Spotlight on Dixie Friend Gay (Pages 22-26)

- Issue #8: Nicola Parente: The Writer and the Artist, A Connection (Pages 28-33)


TexasLiving Magazine - Home & Lifestyle articles

- March 2016: Tablescapes: Living Centerpieces (Pages 42-43)

- May 2016: Front Yard Makeovers (Pages 30-31)

- July 2016: Flights of Fancy: Attracting Birds with Feeders and Baths (Pgs 29-31)

- March 2017: Drama Brought Back to Life: The Alley Theater Story (Pages 14-15)

- July 2017: Nine of Houston's Most Unique Attractions (Pages 19-21)

- September 2017: The Fruits of Texas Labor (Pages 38-39)

- March 2019: Tartan Texas: Kilts in the Lone Star State (Pages 14-15)

Natural Awakenings: Houston - Healthy Living article

- March 2019: Dance: 3-D Therapy (Page 20)

Online Features

Interstellar Flight Magazine - Author Interview 

- 5/3/2019: Goth Weirdness, Slavic Folklore, and Ohio:  An Interview with Emily A. Duncan, author of Wicked Saints

* Spider Road Press - SRP and Writing-related articles

- 1/5/2017: Recommended Reading for Writers: Annie Dillard’s The Writing Life

- 1/12/2017: Short, Sweet, and To the Point – Spider Road Press on Flash Fiction

- 4/13/2017: Behind the Poems: Award-winning Poet & Writer Andrea Barbosa

- 5/31/2017: Pulling the Red Thread: An Interview with Poet Teresa Mei Chuc

- 6/21/2017: On a U-Boat with Author Kate Spitzmiller

- 8/10/2017: The Darkness of Algood: Spotlight on SRP Poet/Writer Melissa Algood

- 8/16/2017: “Kathakali”: An Honor to Mention – A Spider’s Web FFP Runner-Up

- 10/25/2017: Disenchanted Flash: Spotlight on SWFFP HM “Disenchantment”

- 12/13/2017: “Scars:” Final Honorable Mention Winner, 2017 Spider’s Web Contest

- 12/20/2017: Memorable Moments of 2017

- 3/23/2018: Women’s Voices Heard: Our WHM Reading at EQ Heights

VIDA: Women in Literary Arts - Book Review 

- 5/1/2018: VIDA Reviews! Glimmerglass Girl by Holly Lyn Walrath

* Bountiful Balcony Books - BBB & Writing-related posts

- 5/23/2016: Found Poetry - Verbatim!

- 6/8/2016: Quelf, Family Bonding at its Best

- 6/15/2016: Hello, my name is Jody & I'm a Moth Geek

- 6/24/2016: EPL, UTTS and K-PAX

- 7/9/2016: Post About My Writing Brouhaha

- 7/23/16: Netconnecting: Networking 2.0

- 8/4/2016: Writership: I'm on board!

- 8/12/2016: Without You, I Couldn’t Write.

- 1/18/2017: Blog for You or Blog for Me?

- 2/16/2017: Nothing is Original – Not Even Your Story

- 1/8/2018:  2017 Release Recap!

- 7/9/2018: "The Water Children" For The Win!

* Luna Station Quarterly - Speculative Fiction Blog Column

- 5/25/2016: Superissue #1: Meet Lady Morse Code

- 8/22/2016: Superblog #2: Meet Star Phantom

- 9/26/2016: Superblog #3: Introducing Harley “I Told You So” Harbinger

- 10/24/2016: Superblog #4: The Bayou Kraken Reaches Out!

- 11/28/2016: Superblog #5: The Queen of Shadows Rages

- 1/23/2017: Superblog Issue #6: She’s a Nonfiction Extraordinary Authoress

* NaNoWriMo - Writing-related article

- 1/6/2017: 6 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Beta Readers

Houstonia Magazine - Food & Drink articles 

- 9/8/2016:  Grape Expectations: Think You Can't Take a Winery Vacation in Texas? 

- 9/14/2016: Just Like Heorot: Everything You Need to Know About Griffin Meadery


Catholic365 - Religion articles 

​- 11/27/2015: To Missal or Not to Missal

- 12/13/2015: Sacristans, Stage Managers of the Mass


Haiku Journal 

Issue #45  (5th poem)

Verbatim Poetry 

Craig's List, Hope's Personals

Poetry Marathon Anthology 2016

"Marathon Stream" Available for purchase on Amazon

Creative Nonfiction

In Media Res by Writespace

"Middle Stream" Medias Res



* The Story Guide Podcast - "Episode 3 - Letting Go of Pa"

* Writership Podcast - "Episode 96 - Forgotten December"


Jody wears many hats at Bountiful Balcony Books, including but not limited to writing, editing, formatting, cover design, and virtual assistance work.

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